FSC Youth Game Day & Safety Guidelines


  • Please leave your pets at home. No Pets within the fenced complex during games & practices.
  • Absolutely, no smoking, vaping or alcoholic beverages at the soccer complex.
  • No bikes, scooters and/or hover boards allowed with the fenced area.
  • Please no artificial noise makers during games.
  • We ask you to always watch your children while at soccer complex. Please DO NOT all children to climb or play on goals, nets and complex fence. SUPERVISED CHILDREN WHILE ON PLAYGROUND.
  • NO DRONES ALLOWED—Fairhope Soccer Complex is in the Fairhope airport’s flight pattern
  • NO parking along any fences. This blocks the flow of traffic.
  • If you do not have a handicap sticker/license plate, DO NOT park in the designated handicap parking area even if they are empty.
  • Player Drop Off:  Make sure your player has every all equipment/water bottles etc. ready to make a quick exit out of the car at the designated player drop-off area.  If your player isn’t ready, please park your car so not to slow/block the flow of traffic.
  • Player Pick Up: Please Park your car and walk into gate to collect your player after practice/game. WE prefer, especially 5–13-year-olds to be picked up by parent/guardian/or carpool parent at the gate or at the field.  While this may be inconvenience, we need to make sure all our players are safe.


  • If lightning is less than 10 miles away, you will hear 3 short blasts from an air horn. This indicates ALL players & parents must immediately clear the fields, seek shelter or return to your car.
  • The club official will monitor the severe weather threat for 30 minutes. DO NOT LEAVE SHELTER OR CAR.
  • When severe weather conditions no longer exist after 30 minutes, we will communicate via TeamSnap--ALL CLEAR
  • If severe weather conditions continue, we will inform you that ALL ACTIVITIES ARE CANCELED via TeamSnap


  • Player: Make sure your player is completely dressed and ready to play with Game Day jersey, socks over shin guards, soccer cleats, soccer ball, water bottle and ALL jewelry & hair bows removed. If your player has their ears pierced, either remove them for game or covered with Band-Aids.  Religious or medical items may be worn but must be taped down under the jersey.
  • Spectators: We ask all parents, family members & friends to set up chair/blankets opposite the team bench and 3 feet from sideline &/or behind the spectator line. DO NOT sit on sideline or behind goals.  CHEER, DON’T STEER! – Please refrain from providing instructions to the players.  They need to listen to their coach.
  • No referee abuse will be tolerated.
  • Only registered volunteer coaches are allowed with players on bench
  • Once game is finished, please clear your area in a timely manner for the next game to begin. Please pick up all trash.
  • LOST & FOUND: If you left something, please check our bin/storage unit on the south side building.