Financial Aid Information

Fairhope Soccer Club is committed to working with families to be sure every child can enjoy a soccer experience with our club. With this commitment, we have a few options with the intention that families can find one that best fits their financial abilities and child’s ambitions.

Installment Plan Payment:  To help families budgets, Fairhope Soccer Club offers flexibility by using an installment plan. Our current payment plan includes 4 installments. We can set up an individual payment plans if our current plan does not fit your financial situation.  Please contact us for Payment Plan Options.

Financial Aid: A family may feel that they need financial assistance to have their child participate. Fairhope Soccer Club is pleased to offer a financial aid program to assist deserving players who may not otherwise be able to afford the expense of select soccer.

Financial aid is available only for player fees and does not include travel fees (hotel stays, food and gas), extra tournaments/coach expenses which are not included with player fees or uniform and additional gear.

Funds are limited. Most financial aid requests are granted “partial aid”.  In addition, FSC requires the parent/guardian of the financial aid recipient to provide volunteer service hours to the club during our tournaments/playdates.

To help us assess the amount of financial support we can offer your family, we ask that you complete the FSC Financial Aid Application and email it back with the required supporting documentation to our Club Administrator.

The Club Admin cannot make a financial aid determination without the supporting documentation. We try ask the very minimum information that will help us most fairly distribute our current funds. We also ask that player’s account must be financially current with the club from the previous season.

This information is kept with the highest level of confidentiality possible with a very limited number of Club Officials reviewing each application. Generally, we only need our Club Admin reviewing each application.