Volunteer Background Check & Risk Management

Each soccer year Alabama Soccer Association (ASA) requires a background check and other risk management certification.  Your background check and other certifications expire one year from when you completed. Risk Management is a method for identifying risks in all areas and developing and implementing a plan to protect an organization and prevent loss. The Risk Management policies based on US Soccer and USYS guidelines.

Fairhope Soccer Club follows ASA guidelines to provide a healthy, safe, and enjoyable soccer environment for all our participants.  We appreciate all our coaches, assistant coaches, team managers and staff completing all requirements within a timely manner. 

NEW COACHES/TEAM MANAGERS: Your name and email has been added to GotSports. Login and request a new password. 

RETURNING COACHES/TEAM MANAGERS: Login into your GotSports account to view expired requirements that need to be completed.

GOTSPORTS LOGIN: https://system.gotsport.com 

ACCOUNT:  Input your personal information to your account and save.  You can update this information anytime. 

DASHBOARD: Click on Dashboard next to Account in order to view requirements. Click on DETAILS to access requirements. 


Background CheckComplete background check first. You need your social security number. Make sure to save your signature before you click submit.

**Coach Safely--Complete this second.  This certification is not located in the GotSport Dashboard. THIS IS A STATE LAW TO BE COMPLETED EACH YEAR. 

Click the link to begin. https://www.coachsafely.org/

New Members: You will make a profile. Make sure to add Fairhope Soccer Club & click on Youth Athletic Association during your registration.

Returning Members: Login to complete.

Once completed, upload certificate into GotSport.  If you need assistance with your upload, please contact Jacque Boyer, Club Admin.

Safe Sports--We suggest to complete this task last since it take about 90 minutes.  You MUST Access program from GotSport Dashboard.  Safe Sports Information

ProTip: Keep SafeSports open in a separate tab & browser, so you do not have to restart. If you flip back and forth between tabs, the course may start over.

ALL requirements MUST be completed for insurance purposes and the safety of our players. The overall process may take up to 3 hours depending. You can always go back if you are unable to complete in one sitting.  If you need assistance, please reach out to Jacque Boyer, Club Admin/Registrar

Coach Safely - LAW (3)