Complete & Sync Safe Sports Training

STEP 1: Log in to your GotSport account. Use your email and request a new password to gain access.

STEP 2: You will now be redirected to your DASHBOARD. If you are viewing your personal information, click on DASHBOARD in the menu bar. Once on your dashboard, Click on Details next to the Safe Sport requirement.

STEP 3: If you already completed SafeSport Training on or after the appropriate date, skip to Step 6.  To complete a course, click the Start Course button.

You will be redirected to, which is the U.S. Center for SafeSport's online platform (referred to as "Absorb"). The unique U.S. Soccer access key is embedded in the URL, so it's important that you access via this Start Course button.


STEP 4: Once you are redirected to, please log in or click "Forgot Password" to claim your account (if you previously completed a SafeSport course) or create a new account. If you aren't sure whether you have an existing account, we suggest you try the "Forgot Password" process.

Once you log in, please complete the next available SafeSport Trained Core or Refresher course in the annual cycle listed below. Only one course needs to be completed each year, and please note that the SafeSport for Youth Players course does not satisfy this requirement.

  • SafeSport Trained - U.S. Soccer Federation (yr 1) - this is also referred to as "Core" training
  • SafeSport Refresher 1 (yr 2)
  • SafeSport Refresher 2 (yr 3)
  • SafeSport Refresher 3 (yr 4)
  • SafeSport Trained - U.S. Soccer Federation (yr 5) - this is also referred to as "Core" training
  • SafeSport Refresher 1 (yr 6)

Those courses are available via either the My Courses or Catalog menu section.

Once finished, save your course completion certificate, which is accessible via the Transcripts menu section of

If you have technological or account access issues related to the platform, please submit a ticket to the U.S. Center for SafeSport directly.

STEP 5: Repeat steps #1 and #2 above to access the SafeSport requirement in your GotSport account, then proceed to Step 6.

STEP 6: The next step is to apply the SafeSport course completion to the SafeSport requirement within your GotSport account.

Once you access the requirement, please follow the instructions on the screen to either sync the training automatically (preferred), or manually upload the completion certificate (if the automatic syncing does not work).