Pre-Academy Footies

What is Pre-Academy Footies?

Pre-Academy Footies is a development program that provides a more advanced training environment for our U7 & U8 recreational players who seek to develop individual skills at a more accelerated rate than the traditional recreational model offers.  Footies train under the guidance of professional, licensed coaches up to twice a week.

Our Pre-Academy Footies program will provide a fun and challenging environment that will enhance each player’s confidence, technique, and instincts to accelerate an understanding of the game and better prepare them for more competitive environments in the future.

  • Open to Boys & Girls born in 2015 (U7) and 2014 (U8)
  • During recreational registration, choose Rec & Pre-Academy Footies option in Sport Info
  • Additional Fee: $75 for 6 weeks of training
  •  Pre-Academy Training will be on Wednesdays @5:30pm-6:30pm starting March 9th.
  • Optional: Skills on Mondays @ 6pm-7pm (no extra cost) starting on March 7th.
  • Footies players will be assigned to their respective recreational U8 teams and participate in league games
  • Depending on enrollment, our Director of Coaching may entertain registering a team or 2 into our home tournament Mobile Bay Spring Classic in late April for a small additional fee.

Need more information about our Pre-Academy Footies, contact Coach Matt Miller or Declan McSheffrey, Director of Coaching.