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Updated 7/17/2017

What is Fairhope Soccer League (FSL) and is it the right place to register my child for recreational soccer? Fairhope Soccer League (FSL) is the recreational soccer program serving the Fairhope area as well as surrounding areas. FSL is a volunteer organization that has partnered with the City of Fairhope to provide the equivalent of city-league youth soccer. FSL is open to players of all skill and athletic levels and there are no try-outs required. FSL provides parent volunteer coaches. Fairhope Soccer League (FSL) gives ages 3-15 players the opportunity to have fun playing soccer, learn fundamentals, and get some good fitness.

At what age can a child be registered to play?
FSL uses the US Youth Soccer Birth Year Matrix to register our players. Recreational soccer begins at U6 (2016) through U15 (2003). Seasonal Year is from August 1st, 2017-July 31st, 2018. Players registered at U8 this fall, will continue to play U8 in the Spring. “U followed by age” really means that age & younger. We also have Fairhope Tots U4 & Fairhope Fives U5 programs.

Where do I register my player if they participated in Fairhope Fives, however still 4 year old but born in 2012?  We understand this tends to be confusing.  If your players participated in our Fairhope Fives Program during the 2016/2017, your player will move to our traditional recreational soccer program with a volunteer parent coach.  We do hope those who helped out with Coach Jamie, will move up with their player and coach at our U6 level.  

If this is my player's first year to play soccer but did not participate in Fairhope Fives last season, will he/she be behind?  No, not at all.  Half of our 2012 or U6 players have never played soccer before or participated in Fairhope Fives.  Our main focus is FUN, while learning the basics of soccer.  

When can I register & how much does it cost?

Fall 2017 FSL Recreational League Open to all 2012-2003 Boys & Girls

Players Born in 2012-2010: $85

Players Born in 2009-2003: $95

Registration Deadline: August 20th, 2017

Late Registration Deadline: August 26th Additional $15 added August 22nd-August 26th

FSL Footies Training Program
Open to all 2011 and 2010 players registering with FSL. It is a first come, first serve program.
2010 Fees: FSL Fee plus $70 (30 slots for boys/24 slots for girls)
2011 Fees: FSL plus $50 (20 slots for both girls and boys)

Fairhope Fives Open to players born in 2013. It is a first come, first serve program. Limited to 48 players. Deadline: August 20th or until program full. Fees: $80

Fairhope Tots Open to players born in 2014. Player MUST be the age of 3 by September 15th. It is a first come, first serve program. Limited to 40 players. Deadline: August 20th or until program full. Fees: $60

If the registration fee is a hardship, limited scholarships are available. Please contact our Club Manager at clubmanager@fairhopesoccerclub.com

Do I have to register online?
Yes. ALL Players MUST register within Got Soccer. Make sure to provide email, phone contact & emergency contact information.

If you do not access to a computer for online registration or having difficulties, please contact our club registrar at clubmanager@fairhopesoccerclub.com

Will my child have to try out for a team?
No. All children will be placed on a team. However, we do require player evaluations for all players in order to make all teams as fair and equal as possible.

Mandatory Evaluations--TBA

What does my child need to play?
Each player will receive a jersey, shorts & socks for Fall. Player MUST provide soccer cleats, shin guards and a correctly sized ball.

Fairhope Tots/Fairhope Fives MUST provide their own black socks & shorts. (Tennis shoes are fine if you can’t find the correct size in soccer cleats)

Ball Size 5 2005-2003
Ball Size 4 2009-2006
Ball Size 3 2014-2010

For safety reasons, players without shin guards or appropriate footwear will not be allowed to play. Please note that baseball, softball or football cleats may not be allowed, especially if they have a cleat in the front. Correct soccer cleats can be bought cheap, please get them. Make sure each player has hydration.

I don’t have any coaching experience, should I volunteer? Yes. Recreational soccer is primarily meant to be fun. FSL is more interested in a positive attitude and a desire to learn, than any soccer experience or credential. We depend entirely upon volunteer parent coaches. As such, you are encouraged to volunteer through the online registration process. Even if you do not, you may be asked to volunteer if we are short coaches. Please be open to this. As indicated below, FSL offers a coach’s clinic that will provide you with all the information about the game and practice drills and tips you will need for a successful season. We also have many experienced parents and the coaching staff of Fairhope Soccer Club available to help.

If I volunteer to coach, will there be a mandatory background check? Yes. For the safety of our players and for purposes of our insurance, all volunteer coaches and other staff who will be on the field with the players must complete a mandatory online background check with GotSoccer/Alabama Soccer Association per year. If you have not completed a background check before, no practices or other interaction with players may occur before this background check is completed. This is a simple process and is free. You will register online under FSL Volunteer Coach Link.

Will there be a coaching clinic for parents?
Yes. To be announced. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear as this is an active clinic. All head coaches will receive a coaching discount.

We will also provide email communications regarding training sessions to ensure that all our FSL volunteer coaches have the tools to be successful.

When is Opening Day?
Saturday, September 23, 2017. Pictures will be taken Opening Day.

When is Closing Day?

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

When do practices start?
Teams will be formed during the week following close of registration. Team Coaches will contact their teams by September 6th. Practices will begin after your coach has contacted you. Please remember that your coach is a volunteer and he/she works around their schedule. If you do not hear from your coach by Sunday, September 10th, 2017, please contact us.

Will the league offer skills/pick up sessions for players?
Yes, We will offer skills night/pick up this Fall—TBA.  
Skills encourage individual player development to improve ball control/mastery/skills.

Pick Up is game of soccer where anyone can join, no skill requirements & it’s just for fun. There is no sense of obligation or commitment to play. Pick-up games lack officials, which makes the games more disorganized and less structured than regular games. We have a coach at the field for supervision only. Pick-up will begin immediately after Skills.

Skills/Pick-up is optional but are offered as an additional benefit for players.

Our Director of Coaching as well as Fairhope Academy Coaching Staff provides skills nights during the start of the season.

When & Where are the games played? All teams will play on Opening Day. Regular games will be held on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays at Fairhope Soccer Complex (County Rd. 13 & Manley Rd.) All Tots/Fives practice & play games on Saturday mornings this Fall. 

Some age groups may play at Trione Park in Daphne against Daphne Strike Recreational/Development teams.

Once teams are formed a detailed season schedule will be provided to coaches and posted on the website.

When and where are the practices?
Each coach sets a practice schedule at his/her convenience. They are usually on weekday evenings after work hours, but could be any time that suits the coach’s schedule. ALL practices will be at Fairhope Soccer Complex. We utilize a Sign Up Genius to reserve practice space for the season.

May my child wear earrings or other jewelry on the field?

It is FSL policy that for safety reasons, players are not allowed to wear earrings, jewelry, metal hair accessories, or any other items a coach, referee or other FSL representative deems dangerous on the field.


Can my child play with a cast?

Player playing with a cast is allowed to play as long as the cast is properly padded & wrapped over. Player MUST have written permission from a physician that they are allowed to play. Permission form MUST be given to the referee/coach during each game as long as cast is present. (Parent can make a copy of the original permission form from the physician & give a copy each time to the referee/coach)

Can I request a coach or that my child be placed on a team with a friend?
No. If you volunteer to coach, you can name one assistant and your children will then be together on your team. Please note that you should discuss the assistant being your assistant and make sure that they register to be an assistant. If they do not register to be your assistant you may not get them. Siblings in the same age group will be placed together unless specified otherwise.

My child is really good and/or physically big. Can he/she play with an older age group? Or my child is not very good and/or is physically small. Can he/she play with a younger age group? Generally, recreational players should play in their true age group. In exceptional circumstances, however, a player may be approved to play up if approved to do so by the FSL Committee. If there is any question as to whether the player should be approved to play up, an evaluation of the player under the supervision of our Fairhope Soccer Club coaching staff may be required. For a request to play up to be considered, the request must be made by e-mail to the FSL Chairperson prior to the close of registration. Otherwise, the player that has the ability and wants a higher level of training, you should consider either Fairhope Footies for additional training with in FSL, Fairhope Academy(U9-U12) or Gulf Coast Rangers FC (U13-U18). Players may not play down an age group.

Can you provide more information on the uniform sizing options?
At this time we cannot provide an exact scale. If you are not certain whether a size may be correct for your player, our recommendation is to order one size larger.

Fairhope Soccer League Code of Conduct

The goal of Fairhope Soccer League is for the children that participate in our league to get fit, have fun and play Soccer. In order for our children to have the best experience possible, it is important that we as Parents, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Administrators and Soccer Fans set a good example for our children. FSL has, therefore, established this simple Code of Conduct which all adults are expected to honor at all times when participating in or attending FSL meetings, practices, games, tournaments or other related activities.

Encouragement. No child enjoys participating in an activity if there is no one there to pat him or her on the back when they succeed and even more importantly encourage them when they are struggling to succeed. Negative comments will not be permitted.

Respect. Players and all adults are expected to be respectful to all coaches, referees, volunteers, other players and other parents. No foul language will be permitted and all adults and players are expected to conduct themselves in a civilized manner. This is especially true when it comes interaction with referees and coaches. All calls are final and while coaches may request an explanation of a call, neither coaches, nor fans will be allowed to argue with, harass or otherwise be disrespectful to the officials. Coaches may ask parents for their thoughts on matters such as practice time, but the final decisions on coaching methods, practice schedule and the like are up to the coach as his or her schedule may permit. Let the coach. Coaches are expected to also be respectful to their players and the parents.

Good Sportsmanship. There is nothing wrong with supporting your child, unless, your conduct has a negative effect on your child’s teammates or the children on the other team. While season and tournament ranking sometimes comes down to goal differential, it is more important that your child learns to be a humble winner than it is to be ranked #1 in the local recreational league. Our children learn from our example. Be good teachers. Players will have greater success in Soccer by learning that playing hard, clean, skillful and honest is more important than winning.

Attendance. It is essential that everyone, whether player, coach, or volunteer, fulfill the commitment they make. Show up for all practices, games and other activities that you have committed to on time. If you are not there then someone else will be negatively impacted.

Conduct for Fairhope Soccer Complex:

Please pick up after yourself and children (including disposing of all trash and drink cans/ bottles in the trash/recycling containers provided).

Please respect the facilities, including the fields, concession stand, restrooms and goals and nets.

Do not allow children to climb on the goals and nets.

Please drive with caution in the parking lot.

WE prefer pets stay home during the season, however if you need to bring them to Founder’s, please keep on leash & clean up after your pet. No PETS are allowed on playing fields.

Who do I contact with any other questions?
Contact Registrar, FSL Chairperson and/or Boys/Girls Coordinators


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