Player Responsibilities:

  • Attend practices/games regularly and arrive on time.
  • Be dressed, shin guards and soccer cleats on ready to play for practices/games. Make sure you have your water bottle with you.
  • Have your own ball and make sure that it is properly inflated.
  • Try your best at each practice/game.
  • Work toward good sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Respect the referees.
  • Be supportive of teammates all the time.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Transport your child to and from practices and games on time.
  • Inform the coach in advance if it is necessary to miss a practice or game.
  • Be supportive of the coach.  Remember they are volunteering their time.
  • Be supportive of all the players (Criticism does not improve performance).
  • Do not coach your child during games.
  • Help your child understand that he/she is contributing to a team effort.
  • Focus on mastering skills and having fun, not winning.
  • Avoid material rewards for your child (The reward is the fun of playing!).
  • Attend games and cheer the team.
  • Refrain from criticizing the opponents; be positive with all players.
  • Respect the referees (There will be mistakes, but they are doing their best).