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Updated 8/21/2015

Our main philosophies as a club are listed below: 
•Passing and Receiving team
•Build play out of the back
•Regain possession of the ball quickly
•Play with confidence to express themselves
•Create technically and tactically sound players
•Play & train with a positive attitude
•Play with confidence to excel in any situation on the field
•“To play creative and attractive soccer”

Our aim is to coach players to have the ability to possess the ball with either foot, play any pass, score goals, read the game to create space and receive the ball under pressure. We look for “wow,” moments, but not the ones you might think; an Upper 90 strike, sure, but it’s the line breaking pass, the critical tackle , making correct decisions under pressure. that really impress me, moments that require understanding of the game, vision and precision.
Working alongside you guys as parents, we firmly believe that we can create this within our club and will strive to do the best for all of our players.
The ultimate goal is to have the players prepared for when they reach the U13 age, 11v11. Hence why we are adapting the Numerical system used by US Youth Soccer. We want all of our players to have a better understanding of each position and each role on the field. We encourage you as parents to express an interest in this and discuss this with your children. You'll see on the attachments we want our U8/9/10 (6v6) teams playing a 1-2-1-2 formation. With our U11/12 (8v8) we will be deploying a 1-2-3-1-1 formation. Each number on the field has a meaning and a responsibility which we will make sure all of our players understand and learn before the end of the season. 
For example - 
#6- Defensive Midfielder
•Play-maker, technically very good, looks to get on ball and make things happen, defensively disrupts the attack, good organizer.
We got off to a great start at Founders last weekend and are looking forward to watching all of our young teams play this weekend also.

Our expectations of your guys as parents. (Keep reading) I think I can speak for all coaches and players when I say, we want to hear cheers, applauds, and make noise! What I ask of our Academy parents/family and even our Academy coaches is to minimize the sideline instruction. Although providing clear instruction and guidance at appropriate moments can facilitate young players' learning, many of us make the mistake of relentlessly bombarding youngsters with information and directions during games. We fail to to understand that when we take this approach we end up creating a chaotic commotion that serves no help to anyone and simply suppresses the player's liberty to make their own decisions. For example, some of the most popular phrases that can be heard from the sideline are:
- "Pass it!"
- "Shoot!"
- "BOOT it!"
- "Be Aggressive!"
- "Not in there!"
Soccer is a player-centered sport. Soccer players have to make their own decisions in the moment whether it be wrong or right, they have to make it and learn from it. They have to rely on imagination, spontaneity, and creativity to create chances for themselves. So, how do we expect to create a team that can possess the ball and complete good passes if we don't cheer for complete passes. Instead we sometimes cheer for the hardest kick up the field. We don't hear shouts and celebrations when a player wins a header or controls a ball out of the air. We're quick to shout "Pass it!" Or "Shoot!" and having taken away that idea from the player, we won't find out what the player would have done to begin with. We miss out on watching a player express themselves in a game that is theirs to begin with, so Cheer Don't Steer and enjoy the game.  
• Learn what motivates your player
• Know the pathways
• Be a supportive parent
• Allow the players to make mistakes.
• Keep the game in perspective
• Be a Role Model
Please spend the time to read over and understand the Numerical system and the formations we will be using for our teams.
 Thanks for all your support, 
Nick Cooper, Director of Coaching

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