Grassroots Training Module

Grassroots Training Module

With long term player development at the core of Fairhope Soccer Club's philosophy, the Grassroots Training Module is designed to enhance the recreation experience at the youngest of ages and at the earliest of stages of our program. This module is geared towards player development, coaching development, and player education.  We are excited to introduce the inaugural Grassroots Training Module to all our FSC U6-U8 aged soccer players and parents. 

In this module, participants will participate in multiple sessions lead by our Curriculum/Coaching Education Coordinator William Cunningham and Player Development Coordinator Josh Montgomery. The module will consist of a curriculum based on structured sessions following US Soccer's Play Practice Play (PPP) methodology.

This structure provides a fun, organized, and game like training environment. It will heavily focus on the development of individual skill. It will also provide a platform for coaching education highlighting the methods of our training methods and providing sample sessions to our volunteer coaches that relate to what is developmentally appropriate. A similar platform will be provided for parent education highlighting our club's core philosophies and available pathways available by the time players graduate to U10. 

This Spring, all our U6-U8 teams will participate in the Grassroots Training Module over the course of the 8 week soccer season.  A  pre-planned schedule will be set for multiple teams each week to participate.  These sessions will be under the guidance of our FSC licenced professional coaching staff. 

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 We add great resourses & education materials throughout the year.  We hope you find them helpful & useful during your time as a volunteer coach with Fairhope Soccer.  Please reach out to us if you need assistance with your practice session.  

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