Program Information

Program Info

Updated 10/5/2020


Fairhope Tiny Tots U4 program is our youngest soccer program we offer.  This may be the first time your little one has participated in an "organized sport".  This may be the first time they will be "sharing".  A session will not look like a world-cup game.  There may a few tears along the way, but with you by their side, your little soccer player will learn lots & have fun! 

Fairhope Tots U5 program is designed to build upon the philosophy & skills first introduced to players and parents in our Fairhope Tiny Tots program, however a player is not required to participate in our Tiny Tots program in order to participate in our Tots program.  The goal of the program is to continue to develop the passion and love for the game of soccer at an early age. 

Our Tots program are designed to introduce the game of soccer to 3-5 year old players and their parents.  Our programs use fun games to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness, and self-confidence.  It is imperative for at least one parent/guardian to participate with their child during each session. After a few sessions, the parent/guardian involvement may decrease as the child becomes more comfortable. 

COST: $85 includes 8 sessions, T-shirt & player insurance 

SIGN UP:  First Come, First Serve and Limited 

  • Fairhope Tiny Tots U4 born in 2017. Player MUST be 3 years of age by September 1st, 2020 to participate this Fall.   Limited to 30 players
  • Fairhope Tots U5 are born in 2016.  Limited to 45 players
  • Parent/Guardian MUST attend all sessions with your little soccer player.

TIMES: Tiny Tots U4 start @ 8:30am & Tots U5 start @ 9:30 am


Week 1: Saturday, October 3rd
Week 2: Saturday, October 17th
Week 3: Monday, October 19th Tiny Tots @ 5pm/Tots @ 6pm
Week 4: Saturday, October 31st 
Week 5: Monday, November 2nd Tiny Tots @ 5pm/Tots @ 6pm
Week 6: Saturday, November 7th
Week 7: Monday, November 9th Tiny Tots @ 5pm/ Tots @ 6pm
Week 8: Saturday, November 14th

REQUIRED: Size 3 ball, shin guards, soccer cleats or tennis shoes,
black socks, black shorts, water bottle & a parent/guardian.

WHY DO WE ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO PARTICIPATE?  First, the child is more likely to participate if they see their parent/guardian playing. Secondly, participation could inspire the parent to enjoy the game of soccer and become a member of our coaching team in the future years. 

Parent volunteers are crucial during our small-sided games.  We ask parents of the team to be the "bumpers" around the field in order to keep the ball in play if kicked out of bounds. 

Please consider being a Tots Field Leader when you register your player.  While we encourage all parents to be involved, we need at least 10 consistent volunteers to help out Tots Head Coach each week during game time. 

WHAT TO EXPECT AS A TOTS FIELD LEADER? Tots Head Coach will oversee all fun activities & skills the kids will learn throughout the 8 sessions. 

  • As field leader, you be will assigned a color & a field.  Your responsibilities are to provide encouragement, make sure kids are going in the correct direction, not using their hands, encourage a skill they learned & have fun!  Some kids will cry, some will get mad, some may not even want to play.  Remember, they are 3-5 year olds!!!  


  • 20 minutes with Head Coach: motor skills, ball mastery/control/skills
  • 20 minutes small sided games: We will utilize the all the parents to be "bumpers" to keep the ball in play. An assigned parent team leader will help manage/direct a team small-sided games.  

WHAT DOES MY LITTLE SOCCER PLAYER NEED? A parent or guardian, size 3 ball, black shorts & socks, soccer cleats or tennis shoes and plenty of water.

WHAT DO I NEED AS A PARENT? We encourage all parents to participate with their liltte soccer player. We suggest to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers in order to participate.  Bring an extra water bottle.  

QUESTIONS? We look forward to a great season! If you have any questions, please contact Sara Wade, Tots Registrar