Player/Parent Responsibilities


Player Responsibilities:

  • Attend practices/games regularly and arrive on time.
  • Be dressed, shin guards and soccer cleats on ready to play for practices/games. Make sure you have your water bottle with you.
  • Have your own ball and make sure that it is properly inflated.
  • Try your best at each practice/game.
  • Work toward good sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Respect the referees.
  • Be supportive of teammates all the time.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Transport your child to and from practices and games on time.
  • Inform the coach in advance if it is necessary to miss a practice or game.
  • Be supportive of the coach.  Remember they are volunteering their time.
  • Be supportive of all the players (Criticism does not improve performance).
  • Do not coach your child during games.
  • Help your child understand that he/she is contributing to a team effort.
  • Focus on mastering skills and having fun, not winning.
  • Avoid material rewards for your child (The reward is the fun of playing!).
  • Attend games and cheer the team.
  • Refrain from criticizing the opponents; be positive with all players.
  • Respect the referees (There will be mistakes, but they are doing their best).

Game Day Policy

Game Day Policy

Updated 8/2020


· ALL players are provided with Game Day Uniforms in the Fall which includes a jersey, shorts, and socks. In Spring, only jersey is provided  (DUE TO COVID-19--FSC will be providing jerseys and possibly socks)  

· Parents are responsible for soccer cleats and shin guards. SHINGUARDS ARE REQUIRED.

· No shoes with cleats, studs or bars (as long as the referee does not consider them dangerous) or baseball shoes (if the toe cleat has been removed with no sharp edges).

· Goalkeeper jersey must be distinctly different from that of any...

Severe Weather Protocol

Severe Weather Protocol

Updated 9/15/2019

Fairhope Soccer Club is committed to providing the best and safest youth soccer environment as possible to our members. Understand these decisions are based on the forecasts, which are not always reliable indicators, and we do not make the decision to cancel trainings or games lightly.  We will always take into consideration field conditions as well as driving conditions to get to the fields.  Our goal is to communicate any cancellations as soon as a decision has been made.  Often we will wait to make a decision in the hope that conditions improve that will permit us to train/play. We...

Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety

With our new complex and larger parking lot, it’s important to avoid the potential dangers of dropping off and picking up your player. When parking lots get crowded, kids are rushing around to make their games/practices and cars are zooming around for parking spots, Fairhope Soccer Club makes safety the number one concern. 

“Hurry up” Is Our Worst Enemy: Adults aren’t the only people that fall victim to being in a hurry. Kids love to run through parking lots and in between cars in a rush to start playing, often forgetting to look both ways as well as kicking their soccer balls.  That’s why...

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